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Grand Master Chess for iPhone / iPod Touch / iPad
Get smarter by playing a smarter opponent. Or your iPhone.
Play against the computer or another friend on the same device. Choose from different computer skill levels. Choose the color of the pieces you want to play with.
iPhone/iPod Touch:          iPad:
Grand Master Chess.
Grand Master Chess uses a strong alpha-beta pruning search algorithm rated at over 2500
ELO. It's probably the strongest chess engine available in the App Store.
Different difficulty levels.
Choose your game mode, number of players and computer strength. Tap the Settings button,
tap Strength and then choose the desired strength level.
Black or white. Or both.
Tap the Game button, select New game and the choose which side you want to play with or select Play both to
play with a friend. When you first launch Grand Master Chess you play White and computer plays Black.
See what and where you can move.
Tap each piece to see where you can
move it. Pieces that can't be moved won't light any squares and won't be selected. Whenever you
are in check for example, you will be able to select and move only those pieces that take you out of check.
When you don't know what to move tap the Hint button to get a suggestion from the computer. Try doing this
even if you know what to move. See what the computer would move. It's a great way to learn. Try taking back moves and do other moves. See how the outcome of game changes.
It's free!
Grand Master Chess is free without access to any of its features except to start a new game. On iPhones, iPads and iPod touches a small banner might appear in the main window.
To play a multiplayer game tap the Game button, select New game and then choose Play both. Both players will play on the same device.
Top 50 iPad Board games
Since its launch in September 2011, Grand Master Chess HD is present frequently in the top 50 free board and strategy games in different countries. It entered this top in US from the launch day. Then followed UK, Germany, France, Italy, Canada, Australia, China and others. You should try it too!
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